Aim of the training is to teach effective work with the patient who present motoric dysfunctions of : breathing, swallowing, reduced or increased muscle tone. Recognition of skeletal and dental defects. Preparation of anatomy and phisiology issues will allow to effective work with MFS system. The program includes 3 modules, an exam.  The participant who passes the exam receives the title of MFS orthodontic therapist.

The training is addressed to: doctors, speech therapists,  occupational therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists, educators.
Leaders: Profesor Jose Duran von Arx,  lek. stom.  Monika Ośko Master Universitario di Orthognatodonzia clinica Avanzata, Dr of Health Sciences Marta Wawrzynów
Form of training: theoretically-practical training
Number of hours: 100 teaching hours
Number of people: min. 15,  max .25.
Training program is conducted in accordance with the proprietary program of prof. Jose Duran von Arx, lek.stom Monika Ośko, dr nauk o zdrowiu Marta Wawrzynów.
The participant signs the declaration of participation in three modules.
there is no possibility to participate in selected modules. Only after completing the third module and passing the practical exam, the participant gets the qualification to work with the MFS system and the title of the FUNCTIONAL ORTHODONTIC THERAPIST MFS.

Module I
Anatomy and functioning of the oro-facial complex. Development, physiology, pathology.

•    Growth and development the bony facial face of the skull
•    Theories of growth
•    mineralization, formation, eruption, resorption of deciduois teeth and permanent teeth
•    Physiology of the muscles, reflex bow, stymulation
•    Physiology of the oro-facial complex, physiology disorders
•    Construction and function of tempomandibular joint
•    compatibility of systems-triad: orophacial- intraoral, cutano-muscular, orthodontic and dental.
•    Cooperation of a specialist team, who with whom , what range, what for?
•    Anatomy and physiology in functional terms.
•    Aninfinite network of neuronal conections. Early development, embriology, myofascial structures, myofascial chains, models, trigger points
•    Types of bites and their assessment.
•    functions of the facial nerves, muscles of the orofacial region and the temporo-mandibular joint in relation to behavioral disorders, reflex reactions, speech impediments, body posture, biochemical abnormalities.
•    functional analysis of cranial nerves with the interpretation of the oro-facial area - abnormal reactions, compensations, immaturity, improper integration of facial nerves and their consequences for development.
•    Etiology of malocclusions,speech,posture.
•    Environmental pollution affecting the development of the oral area
•    New etiology of defects and development of dysfunctions in children.
•    The impact of harmful substances on the biochemistry of the body and its development.


•    Basics of cephalometry and roentgen diagnostic
•    Diagnosis of skeletal disorders
•    Oral examination
•    Motorics of oral cavity and its importance
•    Diagnosis of tempomandibular disoreders (intra and extra capsular disorders)
•     Test of the rim of the upper limbs
•    Photo documentation
•    Introduction to MFS devices-creator, purpose and goals, functionality, conditions of use, presentation on the empirical material


•    the correct position of the jaws and body posture/ tempomandibular joint.
•    tinnitus
•    backache and headaches (migraines and dizziness)

Upcoming courses
Modular Training Program - MFS
Torque indywidualization,  MFS biomechanics

individualization of Torque, bio-mechanics according to MFS-Philosophy. Calculation of indywidual torque  in the skull lateral ceph, calculation of the effective torque, occlusion keys according to MFS, importance of curve Spee. Spee and anti- Spee mechanics, open bite mechanics, deep bite mechanics, extraction cases - cuspides retraction with "X cemented brackets".

Number of days: 2 days

The training is addressed to: orthodontist
2020 :
Febuary:  France - Paris
March:  India - Kerala;  Poland - Warsaw
April:  Spain - Barcelona
May:  Poland - Wroclaw
June:  Spain - Barcelona
September:  Spain - Barcelona;  Cuba - IFUNA Conference
October:  Russia - St. Petersburg
November:  Spain - Barcelona 

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